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Rubber & Paint Process Oils

Process Oils


DYKOLUBE PAR is a highly refined Paraffinic oil specially developed to meet the new technical and environmental demands of the most advanced process industries, such as rubber, ink, and plastic industries.

It has great compatibility with different process components, which makes DYKOLUBE PAR series the best economic choice. It is available in low, medium and high viscosity grades.



DYKOLUBE NAP is a highly refined Naphthenic oil, specially developed to meet the highest technical and environmental demands of the process industries, with great compatibility for different components.

DYKOLUBE MES 80 - 100 - 230

DYKOLUBE MES series is a perfect combination of mild extractable solvate hydrocarbons for tyre, rubber and paint industries. The product is composed of highly refined petroleum oils, specially developed to meet today's technical requirement and environmental commitments.

Above other features DYKOLUBE MES series are the best economic choice for most process applications:

  • The polycyclic aromatic content does not exceed health safety limits (DMSO <3%)
  • Provides good solubility and compatibility with rubber components for better process performance.
  • The hydrocarbon distribution allows good solubility and compatibility consequently saving in plasticizers.

Our Clients

Since 2006, more than 300 companies have benefited from our high quality products and premium expertise

Kandil Glass
Ez Dikheila
Asfour Crystal
Elswedy Cables
Egyptian Iron and Steel
Town Gas
Egypt Gas
الهيئة العربية للتصنيع
Nassar Group

What clients say about ISLUB

General Dynamics

General Dynamics
Facilities Team Leader

Complete satisfaction with DYKOTE 5500, synthetic cutting fluid. We have experienced good tool life and no corrosion on our machines for more than 12 months. Maintenance cost improved performing less system coolant changes.

الإدارة العامة للسكة الحديد

Egyptian Railways
Railway General Manager

DYCOTHERM Grease2000 HD Resistant to high temperatures in addition to its strong cohesion. It maintains wear for long periods, thus preventing the problem of chairs collapsing and the bearing getting out of its place.

الهيئة القومية للإنتاج الحربي - شركة أبو زعبل للصناعات الهندسية

أبو زعبل للصناعات الهندسية
مدير عام الصيانة

After analysis, the ability of the lubricants to mix and match with the existing lubricants was confirmed and gave good results with a noticeable improvement in the properties of the oils, and the performance became more efficient.


Ravarini Castoldi
Quality insurance

Good atomization among the blade length and Good uniformity and distribution on metal sheets. The oil DYKOLUBE RP 777 is suitable for electrostatic application with blade oilers.


Egyptian Iron & steel
رئيس قطاعات الشرائط

DYKOLUBE RP 778 with anti-rust oil from Industrial Speciality Lubricants (ISLUB), it was found that the work-piece had no rust.

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ISO 14001:2015

ISLUB acquired ISO 14001:2015

ISLUB acquired ISO 14001:2015