It is a water-glycol fire-resistant hydraulic fluid (WGHF). It provides superior vapor and liquid phase corrosion protection compared to traditional weights. It is formulated for hydraulic equipment using vane, gear, and piston hydraulic pumps operated in Steel, Aluminum Mills, and Die casting industries.

Its innovative friction modifier gives excellent pump lubrication, protecting the equipment under severe operating conditions. It can be used in all seasons due to its low pour points and a high viscosity index, which provides better performance and pump-ability starting from 0°C.

It does not form sludge and lasts longer with proper equipment maintenance. Among other properties, its additive package has outstanding stability to oxidation, shear stability, and anti-wear properties.



DYKOLUBE HFDU is a hydraulic oil with superior fire resistance characteristics. Provides low pump wear due to excellent pump lubrication, and its anti-wear agent shows a pump life increase by at least 20%, compared to conventional HF.

It does not contain water, mineral oil, or phosphate ester; it is based on high-quality synthetic organic esters and carefully selected additives to achieve excellent hydraulic fluid performance. It can be used in environmentally sensitive hydraulic applications, without compromising the overall hydraulic system operations.

Its characteristics of low pour point and high viscosity index allow all seasons performance, along with corrosion resistance and high shear stability. It has excellent performance with hydraulic components from all major manufacturers.