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Tailor made products

Our wide range of industrial speciality lubricants are developed accroding to our client's exact specifications to be sutaible for their equipment and withstand even the harshest working conditions.

Extended Tool Life

Our products help your tools and machinery to operate more smoothly, eliminate downtimes and thus extending their life time.

We help increase your profits

Whether it is through our product's benefits (surface finish, increased production, reduced maintenance) or our services (technical support, training), we help you to reduce costs and maximize production output which lead to your profits increasing.

Perfect Surface Finish

By assuring the smoothest finish possible, our lubricants help you to create pieces without defects and maximize your production.

Safe to Use

Safe to use

We have created the products in a way that are safe to use by your operators, without any health hazards.

Constant Technical Service

Constant Technical Service

Our strong technical team provides consultation to advise on the best lubricants choice. They will help you clean, disinfect and filling your machines. We also provide staff training for your technicians.

Our Clients

Since 2006, more than 300 companies have benefited from our high quality products and premium expertise

Kandil Glass
Ez Dikheila
Asfour Crystal
Elswedy Cables
Egyptian Iron and Steel
Town Gas

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General Dynamics

Facilities Team Leader
General Dynamics

Complete satisfaction with DYKOTE 5500, synthetic cutting fluid. We have experienced good tool life and no corrosion on our machines for more than 12 months. Maintenance cost improved performing less system coolant changes.

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