Custom made product

Our industrial specialty lubricants are developed according to our client's exact specifications to be suitable for their equipment and withstand even the harshest working conditions.

Extended Tool Life

Our products help your tools and machinery to operate more smoothly, eliminate downtimes and thus extending their life time.

Increase your profits

We help you to reduce costs and maximize production output which lead to your profits increasing.

Perfect Surface Finish

Our lubricants guarantee the perfect surface of the work piece and help to create pieces without defects, maximizing your production.

Safe to use

Our products are environmentally attuned to ensure the health and safety limits for operators. They are non-toxic and non-polluting when used according to industrial health and safety.

Technical service

Our strong technical team provides consultation to advise on the best lubricant choice. They will help you clean, disinfect and fill your machines. We also provide staff training for your engineers and technicians.

Our Top Clients