DYKOTHERM® HTO 300 is a premium, highly refined petroleum fluid. This high-performance fluid features a high flash point and low viscosity ISO 22 for heat transfer and thermally stable performance.

Typical applications include direct and indirect fired asphalt heaters, building heaters, plastic and wax-coating equipment, household oil-filled appliances, and other hot-oil systems.

It is recommended for use in closed liquid phase heat-transfer systems, where the maximum temperatures of bulk oil and skin film do not exceed 315°C. Moreover, open heat-transfer systems, equipped with cold oil-sealed expansion tanks, can stand maximum temperatures of bulk oil up to 200°C. It is not recommended for use in vapor-phase heat-transfer systems.



DYKOTHERM® HTO 605 is a premium highly refined petroleum fluid, featuring a high flash point, low viscosity ISO 32, excellent heat transfer, and thermal stability properties.

Recommended for use in closed liquid phase heat transfer systems, especially those which are equipped with expansion tanks and pressure relief valves, where the greatest bulk oil and skin film temperatures do not exceed 315°C.