Open Gear Oils





DYKOLUBE OGL is an innovative fluid formulated for heavy industrial applications. It is designed mainly for open gears. It contains a proprietary polymer that will not fling off or extrude like other oils and greases meaning that tooth contact areas of gears will be continuously lubricated with its flexible film.
Thanks to its especial additives DYKOLUBE OGL forms a discrete wear shield which stays in place even under the most extreme pressures. It can be used in any application requiring polymeric retractable films. It is especially effective for surface lubricant applications where staining or soiling of equipment or process material is a concern. Noise caused by metal to metal contact is reduced with every revolution of DYKOLUBE OGL
DYKOLUBE OGL Anti-corrosion action and resistance to water mean regular applications of DYKOLUBE OGL will provide protection to equipment and machinery exposed to the weather or to moisture and industrial fumes indoors.