DYKOLUBE N 30 is an EP neat cutting lubricant having a high EP characteristic and medium viscosity base oil for the best cooling effect.
DYKOLUBE N 30 acquired its super performance from nonhydrotreated base oils enhanced with “lubricity” Compounded Extreme Pressure Additive (CEPA) containing “inactive” EP and anti-wear additive.

The high performance achieved allows the most extreme operations maintaining a super finish for the product with a fine and longer tool life particularly in broaching, threading and tapping, deep hole drilling and trepanning, and gun-drilling operations of the more difficult alloys.
DYKOLUBE N 30 is used in most medium to high-speed operations and for more load added properties.



DYKOLUBE N34 is a special neat cutting lubricant for use in most tough threading operations. It is formulated with special proprietary extreme pressure additives, for precision threading operations of the most difficult alloys.

  • Should be used neat without dilution in most medium to high-speed operations.
  • Provides an excellent finish to the workpiece.
  • Longer tool life.