DYKOTHERM 2000 M / 2000 HDM

DYKOTHERM 2000 M / 2000 HDM  is suitable for lubrication points with light to heavy loadings and low to medium speeds, particularly those exposed to continuous high temperatures, DYKOTHERM 2000 M / 2000 HDM is used successfully on plain and roller bearings of conveyor installation in drying kilns, vulcanizing plants, heating, installations, fans, and electric motors.



Color Thickener Type NLGI Grade Dropping Point Base Oil
Black Calcium Sulphonate complex 2-1-0-00-000 >300 Mineral
Base Oil viscosity Four ball weld Load (KG) TIMKEN Ok load Operating temperature (C) Solid Additives
460 <500 65 (-20 to +200) Moly