Neat cutting oil was specially developed for medium severity machining of steel, copper, and some aluminum alloys. It provides excellent protection against corrosion. It is recommended for cutting, sawing, drilling, turning, grinding operation, and all kind of CNC designs.


Chlorine-free neat cutting oil, for machining of all ferrous metals and Aluminum alloys in normal duty applications. It does not stain Aluminum, steel, carbon steel, Copper, and many other alloys.



DYKOLUBE 408 is a metalworking fluid specially designed to provide an optimum balance of lubricity and EP performance for quality finishes on mild, hardened steel (1018 and 4140), and Aluminum (606).

It is blended with double-treated medium viscosity base oils for the best cooling effects and has a special inhibitor package that provides excellent protection against corrosion.

DYKOLUBE 408 should be used neat for heavy-duty machining, cutting, sawing, boring, drilling, turning, and grinding operations in all CNC machine designs.  It gives off minimum harmful fumes for the environment or operators’ health.



Low viscosity neat cutting lubricant with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. It is specially formulated for deep-hole drilling operations requiring superior cooling and good chip flushing.

Recommended for operations where temperatures are limited and staining is not a  problem with copper compounds.

It can be applied neat without dilution in broaching, threading, tapping, deep-hole drilling, trepanning, and gun-drilling operations on the most difficult alloys.