DYKOLUBE 1100 is a water-soluble cutting fluid, recommended for milling, drilling, turning, and grinding operations. It provides superior cooling and lubricity properties for general purpose and average pressure machining operations, in all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • Contains a corrosion inhibitor package and a special biocide for good microbial resistance.
  • Its service lives last up to 5 to 6 times comparing regular coolants.
  • Maintains a super finish for the product surface and longer tool life.


DYKOLUBE 1100 EP is a high-performance semi-synthetic fluid for the most extreme operating conditions. It combines the cooling properties of conventional soluble oils with Extreme Pressure properties.

The product acquires its super performance from a special additive package that includes extreme pressure, anti-corrosion, and microbial resistance. It provides outstanding lubrication performance, maintaining a  perfect finish for the materials and longer tool life in all operations.

DYKOLUBE 1100 EP allows diversified applications, including high-speed and high-temperature cutting, milling, drilling, turning and threading, CNC machines, and sawing operations.



DYKOLUBE 5190 is a semi-synthetic fluid with low mineral oil content; It is developed for general purpose machining of all ferrous metals including carbon cast steel, grey iron, and high alloy steel.

  • It has a special biocide package to resist microbial growth providing maximum corrosion and rust protection on machined parts.
  • It has excellent foam resistance characteristics to resist high-pressure applications.



DYKOTE 5500 is a fully synthetic metalworking fluid for grinding and machining all ferrous metals. Provides optimum lubricity and detergency for quality finishes on machined parts while leaving a very light protective film.

The product is blended with multi-metal rust and corrosion inhibitors and resists microbial degradation for machining of iron, steel, copper, and aluminum.  DYKOTE 5500 is one of the best options to protect the carbide tool from cobalt leaching in the solution.

Used diluted in water for most cutting and grinding operations, and neat in some slow and extreme operations. It has special foam resistance characteristics to withstand high-pressure fluid streams.



DYKOLUBE 5700 is a synthetic metalworking fluid designed for efficiency machining of difficult materials, including carbon cast steel, grey iron, high alloy steel, and special Aluminum alloys for car parts. It gives an optimum balance of lubricity and detergency for quality finishes on machined parts.

Its special corrosion inhibitor package leaves a very light fluid film, providing excellent protection against rust and corrosion. It is non-staining for Aluminum and Copper

Used diluted in water for general purpose cutting operations in all CNC designs, surface and cylindrical grinding at high-speed and temperatures.