DYKOLUBE 1080 is made from highly refined paraffinic base oils. Contains a special additive package for enhancing heat dissipation, oxidation stability, corrosion protection, and rust inhibition.

It is suitable for use as bright quenching oil, exhibits very low-carbon residue, and provides very high brightness, especially on heat-treated tapping screws.

DYKOLUBE 1080 meets Bohler Brightness requirements for cold quenching.


DYKOLUBE 2200 is a synthetic aqueous base oil with corrosion inhibitors for quenching operations. It is completely soluble in water allowing perfect homogeneity. In proper concentrations, combined with adequate bath temperature and rate of agitation, the solutions can control a lot of quenching operations eliminating fire hazards easily.


High-temperature quenching oil is made from a highly refined paraffinic base. Specially designed for the production of very hard parts where distortion of the quenched parts cannot be tolerated. It contains a special additive package to enhance heat dissipation, corrosion protection, and rust inhibition. It can be used in baths up to 176°C.


DYKOLUBE 2400B is made from highly refined paraffinic base oils, fortified with a special additive package to enhance heat dissipation, oxidation stability, corrosion protection, and rust inhibition. It is specially blended for quenching operations of tough parts, where distortions of the treated parts cannot be tolerated.

DYKOLUBE 2400B is suitable for cold baths and meets Bohler Brightness requirements. The bath temperature should be maintained as low as possible while achieving the desired metallurgical results.


DYKOLUBE 475 is a poly-vinyl-pyrrolidone (PVP) based quenchant. its slower cooling rate during the critical transformation temperature range minimizes cracking and distortion and so enables the treatment of higher hardenability steels unsuitable for quenching in PAG-type quenchants. DYKOLUBE 475 eliminates the smoke, fume, and fire hazards associated with oil quenching and provides the flexibility of quenching speed. DYKOLUBE 475 is a nitrile-free corrosion inhibitor system that provides excellent protection to quench tanks, fixtures and fittings, cooling systems, and associated pipe work.