DYKOSLIDE is made from highly refined paraffinic base oils fortified with a special additive package. It is specially designed for the lubrication of horizontal and vertical slideways.

  • Has outstanding stick-slip performance.
  • Provides high oxidation stability, corrosion, and rust protection.
  • Separates readily from water-based cutting fluids.

The product is available in ISO viscosity grades 68, 100, 220, and 1000.


DYKOSLIDE EXCEL 32 – 68 – 220

DYKOSLIDE EXCEL series is a special product made from high-quality, high viscosity index oils. It combines the anti-stick slip properties of slideways lubricants with the anti-wear properties of hydraulic oils.

It is available in three grades 32, 68, and 220, covering most industrial applications, and meets the specifications of machine tool and hydraulic pump manufacturers:

  • DIN 51524, part 1 (HL); DIN 51517, part 2 (CL);
  • AFNOR NF E 48-603 (HL);
  • Cincinnati-Machine P-38 (HL-32), P-55 (HL-46), P-54 (HL-68), P-57 (HL-150), P-62 (FC-10).